Yuva Kabaddi Series Winter Edition 2022|Everything You Need to Know

The Yuva Kabaddi Series winter edition 2022 is in full swing with competitive matches and battles between teams. It is an exciting opportunity to watch the best players of the nation battle it out to see who will be crowned the top. There are a number of ways in which you can follow the action, from live streaming to watching on the big screen in person. Regardless of what your choice of watching option is, you’re sure to have a great time.

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Exhibition matches

Yuva Kabaddi Series Winter Edition 2022 starts on November 27th and runs until January 4th. It’s the perfect platform for kabaddi players to showcase their skills and also gain an opportunity to play at the highest levels of the sport. Ten teams will be competing against each other. Each team will play a maximum of five matches per day. These matches will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Pondicherry.

Yuva Kabaddi Series Winter 2022 kicks off with a Survival Round on November 27, 2022. The Hampi Heroes, who won the Monsoon Edition title, will look to maintain their reign and retain their crown. Several new teams are making their debut in this year’s tournament, including Chola Veerans and Palani Tuskers. Some of the notable teams also include Kaziranga Rhinos, Ganga Goldstrikers, Aravalli Arrows, Palani Tuskers and Sindh Sonics.

It is a fact that the Yuva Kabaddi Series 2022 has given a platform to many talented players. Only players 23 years old or younger can participate in the series. Many of these players went on to play at the highest levels of sports. This tournament will provide a chance for young players to showcase their skills in front of an audience.

Point system

A team with the most points wins after a forty minute game. A victory with a point differential of 7 points or more ensures that the winning team receives 6 points, while the losing team receives no points. However, a victory with a point differential of less than 7 points gives the winner only 6 points, while the loser receives 1 point. Teams receive 3 points in case of a tie.

Qualified teams receive points at the end of each round based on their standings. These points will be carried over to the next round. The team in first place receives 6 points, while the team in sixth place receives only 1 point.

Winning percentage is the first cutoff on the scoreboard, followed by point differential, total points and coin toss, which are the second, third and fourth cutoffs, respectively.

Survival round

Yuva Kabaddi Series Winter Edition is a unique kabaddi league in India, which has given a platform to talented players to showcase their skills. The winner of the series will be awarded a twenty lakhs prize.

Yuva Kabaddi Series is an event that promotes community relations, youth involvement, and entertainment. It has been held annually since 2008 and has over 150 players on its roster. Several of its players have gone on to play at the highest levels of sport. In addition to this, the competition also aims to cultivate youth culture.

All 10 teams will play each other in a round robin format.Each team will have nine matches. The bottom team will suffer elimination, while the remaining teams will advance to the subsequent rounds.Four of these matches will be eliminator matches and two will be finals.

Stats and scorecard

This year’s edition will feature 10 teams. Hampi Heroes, Periyar Panthers, Aravalli Arrows, Palani Tuskers, Chola Veerans, Panchala Pride, Murthal Magnets, Vijayanagara Veers, Kaziranga Rhinos and Tadoba Tigers.

The other teams that are in the playoffs include Chola Veerans, Murthal Magnets, Aravalli Arrows, and Periyar Panthers. The ten teams are scheduled to face off for the final match of the season on January 4. In this game, Hampi Heroes will be looking to retain their title. Their last victory came again st Maratha Marvels in the monsoon edition of the season.

Live streaming

Yuva Kabaddi Series Winter Edition 2022 is India’s first year-round sports tournament. Teams will play each other twice in a day. The top two teams will directly qualify for the semi-finals. This edition of Yuva Kabaddi series will be played at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Pondicherry. Matches will be live streamed on the FanCode app.

Upcoming matches

  • 27th December 2022
Qualifier 45:00 pmPalani Tuskers vs Chola Veerans
Qualifier 57:00 pmAravalli Arrows vs Murthal Magnets
Eliminator 29:00 pmPanchala Pride vs Periyar Panthers
  • 28th December 2022
Qualifier 67:00 pmLoser of Qualifier 4 vs Winner of Qualifier 5
Eliminator 39:00 pmLoser of Qualifier 5 vs Winner of Eliminator 2
  • 29th December 2022
Eliminator 410:00 amLoser of Qualifier 6 vs Winner of Eliminator 3
Eliminator 59:00 pmWinner of Eliminator 6 vs Winner of Eliminator 4
  • 30th December 2022
Eliminator 610:00 amWinner of Qualifier 4 vs Winner of Eliminator 5
Final9:00 pmHampi Heroes vs Winner of Eliminator 6