Just Kabaddi League 2023|Everything You Need to Know

Kabaddi has quickly gained in popularity over recent years despite being relatively new. Many are heralding it as India’s next big sporting revolution. The new 12th season of Just Kabaddi League will start on May 5, so don’t miss it if you’re a kabaddi fan. Just Kabaddi League 2023 promises an entertaining tournament experience for fans and non-fans alike, making it one of the renowned kabaddi tournaments in India with continued growth projected in its future.

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About Just Kabaddi League (JKL)

Just Kabaddi League 2023 Points Table: JKL 2023 Team Standings | The Sports  News

The Just Kabaddi League is an NGO registered with the Haryana Government in India. Their main focus is organizing national-level kabaddi leagues called “JKL KABADDI League or Just Kabaddi League” and helping players to showcase their skills and talent to the world. They particularly support disadvantaged groups such as the poor, girls, and orphans.

Its selection process involves holding trials for local players across India, giving them opportunities to play at the district and state levels before selecting the best players to participate in national or international competitions through JKL Kabaddi League. This league provides a significant platform for skilled and talented kabaddi players.

The Just Kabaddi Development Society is committed to promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality through sports, which is reflected in the equal prize money we offer for both women’s and men’s teams. Kabaddi is gaining popularity as one of the most exciting rural sports.

The Just Kabaddi Development Society’s slogan is “Beti Bacho – Beti aage badhao,” which promotes women’s kabaddi sports in the country. We believe that talent has no gender or religion, which is implemented in our approach to kabaddi sports.

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Teams of JKL Season 12

Season 12 of the Just Kabaddi League will feature eight teams fighting to win the trophy. These teams will compete for the coveted prize over 16 days of competition.

All the participating teams are listed below:

  • MP Royals
  • Delhi Dumdar
  • Haryana Yoddha
  • UP Dhurandhar
  • Real Rajasthan
  • Tamil Titans
  • Bangalore Tigers
  • Mumbai Master

This tournament will be played in a round robin format. Each team will play 11 matches in the league stage to qualify for the semifinals. In total, 47 matches will be played, including two semifinals and a final. The top four teams will advance to the semifinals of the Just Kabaddi League. The winners of the two tournaments will meet in the final of the tournament.

Just Kabaddi League 2023 Schedule

JKL Kabaddi League

The much awaited season 12 of Just Kabaddi League, will start on Friday, May 5, 2023. All matches of this exciting Kabaddi League will be held at Usharaje Stadium, Indore.

The opening match will be played by MP Royals against Delhi Dumdar at 4:00 PM IST. Up to three matches will be played each day, with the final to be held on May 20.

4:00 PM6:00 PM8:00 PM
May 5MP Royals vs Delhi DumdarHaryana Yoddha vs UP DhurandharReal Rajasthan vs Tamil Titans
May 6Bangalore Tigers vs Mumbai MastersMP Royals vs Haryana YoddhaDelhi Dumdar vs UP Dhurandhar
May 7Real Rajasthan vs Bangalore TigersTamil Titans vs Mumbai MastersMP Royals vs UP Dhurandhar
May 8Haryana Yoddha vs Delhi DumdarReal Rajasthan vs Mumbai MastersBangalore Tigers vs Tamil Titans
May 9MP Royals vs Real RajasthanDelhi Dumdar vs Tamil TitansBangalore Tigers vs Haryana Yoddha
May 10UP Dhurandhar vs Mumbai MastersDelhi Dumdar vs Bangalore TigersHaryana Yoddha vs Tamil Titans
May 11Haryana Yoddha vs Mumbai MastersUP Dhurandhar vs Real RajasthanMP Royals vs Tamil Titans
May 12Real Rajasthan vs Delhi DumdarMP Royals vs Mumbai MastersUP Dhurandhar vs Bangalore Tigers
May 13MP Royals vs Bangalore TigersUP Dhurandhar vs Tamil TitansMumbai Masters vs Delhi Dumdar
May 14Real Rajasthan vs Haryana YoddhaMP Royals vs UP DhurandharDelhi Dumdar vs Bangalore Tigers
May 15Mumbai Masters vs Tamil TitansBangalore Tigers vs Haryana YoddhaReal Rajasthan vs MP Royals
May 16UP Dhurandhar vs Delhi DumdarReal Rajasthan vs Tamil TitansHaryana Yoddha vs Mumbai Masters
May 17Bangalore Tigers vs MP RoyalsTamil Titans vs Delhi DumdarMumbai Masters vs UP Dhurandhar
May 18Real Rajasthan vs Bangalore TigersUP Dhurandhar vs Tamil TitansHaryana Yoddha vs MP Royals
May 19Mumbai Master vs Real RajasthanHaryana Yoddha vs Delhi DumdarN/A
May 199:00 PMSemifinal 1
May 202:00 PMSemifinal 2
May 209:00 PMFinal

Live Streaming

No TV channel in India has confirmed live coverage of Just Kabaddi League Season 12, 2023. All games of the JKL Season 12 will be streamed live on the Fancode app and website. All Kabaddi fans can watch these games for free.


Just Kabaddi League is a high-level platform to showcase the hidden talents of players to the world and provide special support to the poor, girls and orphans. And Just Kabaddi Development Society has played a short role in social work and public service. They make it possible for more children who have a passion for Kabaddi to have the opportunity to participate in the game.

The Just Kabaddi League has successfully completed 11 seasons of play. With the upcoming 12th season, it is hoped that more people will learn about the field of Kabaddi play and together to support Save the Girls. Educating girls and getting girls to play, a drug-free India, women’s empowerment and stopping casteism – this is the mission that Just Kabaddi League has been working towards.

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